What Are The Development Stages Of The Project

In project management each project passes through main the stages in broad term. One is initialisation means at concept stage of the project. Secound one is at planning and designing stage and the third one is implementainance and maintainance stage. Each stage has long list of various sub-stages and plannings with several studies(preliminary feasibility), engineering surveys etc. It is better to first decide the scope of work and quality of output of the project. Based on these two things rest process gets plan and impliment properly.

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In the project management the concept stage define the scope of the project. It is the most important stage. The base of the whole project or outcome is based on the concept stage. If it is not defined properly than the project team must faces various constraints and ultimately project could not get fisible. The concept stage need more time to perform various studies to know whether the project is feasible or not. The concept stage involves preliminary studies, present functioning, conceptual design of the project functiong, cost analysis, selection of financer and other perdon for support, machinery requirement, define the project management task etc.

Once the concept stage task get finished and the scope of work get defined the secound stage starts with proper plannig and design of the concept or system. In the secound stage the team is more clear about the types of output. Based on all the concept proper planning and the system design task get completed. The secound stage is also important because it need carefull planning to get the quality of the output as require and defined in the first stage.

The third and final stage of the project development is implementation and maintanance. Proper implementation in the timely manner is one of the main task of the project manager. Because once project get suffer it will affect on the cost and quality. The another stage is maintaninance. It is essntial to maintain the project properly within a given period of time. It involved managerial activities. Some time little alteration in the final project has also occur. But it does not take more time, cost and risk involved so it can be handle easily.

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