February 12, 2018


How to choose the best Project Management for Solar Projects?

Solar based power project is framework project executed in periods of Engineering, Procurement and Construction or EPC Solar Projects. In any case, they can be altogether different from the customary infra EPC projects. Consequently, ERP or task administration apparatuses common in customary EPC may not impeccably serve EPC Solar projects. So, we set up a few rules to enable you to locate the most appropriate sun-powered venture administration programming and to get the best an incentive from it.

Institutionalization of Work Practices It is utilized by numerous EPC and building organizations for overseeing various types of foundation project. So, we work with numerous task administration groups from various verticals – oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, shipbuilding, rail, expressways, control and so on. Among them, sun-powered EPC and especially housetop sun based EPC project emerge for having an extensive variety of undertaking limit.

Sun based EPC tasks can go from 1 kW limit – for private housetop sun-powered project – to 1 GW project – mammoth utility scale sun oriented ranches. Be that as it may, for every one of these activities with differed limits, one thing continues as before – they are overall extremely very much institutionalized and executed on quick track plans. This can be ascribed to the direct level of many-sided quality for sun-powered EPC projects contrasted with other customary EPC projects.

So, for what reason not utilize the lower level of many-sided quality to leeway. To be sure most sun-powered EPC organizations think that it’s less demanding to build up and take after standard work rehearses crosswise over tasks.

Subsequently, we prescribe sunlight based EPC organizations to go for an undertaking administration programming that encourages or even use institutionalization for various venture work hones. Institutionalization can be utilized in various ways –

  • Use standard undertaking formats for various types of sun-powered activities private housetop, business housetop, utility, off-framework, net metering and so.
  • Configure standard work processes for various sorts of exercises – building.

acquisition, coordination and so on – over numerous activities.

Technically solar energy projects are infrastructure comes commenced in phases of Engineering, acquisition & Construction or solar EPC. however, they will be completely different from conventional below EPC comes. Therefore, ERP or project management tools prevailing in ancient EPC might not dead serve star EPC project. Thus, we tend to place up some tips to assist you to discover the foremost appropriate star project management package and to induce the simplest worth from it.

Standardization of Labor Practices: It is employed by several EPC and engineering firms for managing completely different styles of infrastructure comes. Thus, we tend to work with several project management groups from completely different verticals – oil & gas, pharmaceuticals, construction, rail, highways, power etc. Among them, solar EPC and significantly top side star EPC come stand out for having a large variety of project capability.

Solar EPC comes will vary from one power unit capability – for residential top side star comes – to one GW projects – mammoth utility scale star farms. except for of these come with varied capacities, one issue remains identical – they’re all fine standardized and dead on way schedules. this could be attributed to the moderate degree of quality for star EPC comes compared to alternative ancient EPC comes.

So why not use the lower degree of quality to a bonus. So, most star EPC firms notice it easier to ascertain and follow customary work practices across comes.

Hence, we tend to advocate star EPC firms to travel for a project management package that facilitates or perhaps leverages standardization for various project work practices. Standardization is often leveraged in a very range of how –

  • Use customary project templates for various styles of the solar comes – residential top side, business top side, utility, off-grid, internet metering etc.
  • Configure customary workflows for various kinds of activities – engineering, procuracies, supply etc. – across multiple comes.

Go for a solar project management package that gives you a high degree of standardization. because of which will be a key aspect in you need to satisfy the tight project delivery schedules typical of solar EPC comes.

Fast Track Project Schedules: Thanks to the standardized work practices, solar comes are ready to move at a brisk pace. this can be additionally gratitude to the rigorous project delivery deadlines from customers who need to learn from the reduction of their new solar energy assets.

No matter the explanation, the reality remains that solar energy comes to our way work, sometimes completed inside months. this can be in stark different with large-scale ancient EPC task, wherever delays of quite five-hundredths are mediocre.

As a solar project manager, you {want | you would like| you wish} to confirm timely completion and to try and do where you need an effective solar project management package that could not alone highlight delays, however, may forecast them before.

To forecast a delay, package ought to 1st recognize that the progress compared to the planned timeline for a project. it’s necessary that your project management tool ought to be able to track and evaluate the progress of Engineering, Acquisition, Logistics, Installation etc.

So, we advise you to search for following a solar project management software –

  • Creating a project schedule or Gantt chart
  • Linking project schedules to actual execution
  • Most significantly measure actual progress and news it on Gantt chart Document primarily based monitor.

On comparison, completely different progress tracking tools, we tend to complete several of them fail to capture and track the bottom level project activities.

Most project management solutions out there online as the package as a Service (SaaS) giving, are originally designed for managing package development comes. If you examine the feature lists of such solutions and see ‘Issue Trackers’ or ‘Timesheets’ as key traits, it becomes clear that those tools are meant for package firms to trace and manage them comes, efforts, and problems.

But solar EPC is extremely completely different wherever you don’t wish to trace main hours, bugs or problems. Instead, you wish to trace tons of documents – engineering drawings, contracts, RFQs, proposals, Purchase Orders, Invoices.

Look for a project management solution that offers document management and following talents. additional specifically hunt for –

  • Document management integrated with project schedule
  • Workflows to trace progress and approval of documents
  • Collaboration with vendors, contractors, and customers on totally different documents

Remote Project Sites: You may fine track engineering, acquisition and supply activities by document monitor. however, to trace construction progress, you wish a reliable mobile app. And specifically, within the case of solar comes, you wish Associate in a Nursing app that additionally works when you don’t have the internet!

Solar power comes are dead on remote star farms or rooftops of residential/commercial buildings. for many project sites, web property is average at the best. Thus, your solar project management app which will –

  • Enable offline operating mode to look at drawings
  • Allow uploading of documents/images
  • Facilitate construction progress updates

Integrate with Sales and Maintenance

For star EPC contractors, project execution is that the bread and butter. but alternative activities like sales and maintenance of completed solar comes, are necessary and want to be managed. we tend to forever advocate managing all your crucial business methods on one central platform. Thus, your sales information will simply flow to project execution and from there, project information can flow to maintenance activities for all completed work.

To attain this integration, you’ll require a solar project management package that provides –

  • Configurable workflows that may even be extended to sales & maintenance
  • Consolidated news to piece along information from completely different stages
  • Role primarily based access management thus sales information is merely visible to sales execs.

Why consider us.

Our platform is already trustworthy by many the leading names in star EPC to manage theirs comes across – sales, design, acquisition, logistics, installation, and commission.

Following traits have created an ideal fit Solar Project Management –

  • Highly configurable workflows for – sales, design, acquisition, construction
  • Standard project templates
  • Project planning
  • Compare your actual and planned task
  • Forecast schedule
  • Document Management and monitoring
  • Email Integration
  • Consolidated news
  • Mobile Apps with offline mode
  • Role primarily based access rights
  • Easy collaboration with the project team, vendors, customers etc.
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