April 29, 2019


Construction Management Software

Construction Management Software enables the process of over project management from construction till inventory allocation (including letting out or selling). If this software offers graphical features for inventory management, designing etc., then it makes the software much more user friendly and smoothens the process further.

Following are the features that should be offered by the software:

1. Construction: 

All construction related activities can be managed using this software. It covers
all aspects of construction stages. Various unique features for construction
like Project Management, Accounting integration, Document management, Budgets
and projections, Estimating, Tracking and reducing costs, Sub contractor and
providers integration, Integration with quotations for RFI’s, Auto submission
of orders to sub-contractors can be available in this software.

2. Inventory management:

one of the main features of this software is being able to manage inventory at a central place. As assets inventory list grows, and they get located in various locations with managing the lists and renewal dates for critical documents, tax payments etc. become a challenge. By having a central and online Construction Management Software all these challenges can be managed with ease.

3. Asset life-cycle management:

The software also enables managing asset life-cycle by enabling mapping unique life-cycle for each asset type and respective stages and then be able to map the data parameters for each asset type at their respective life-cycles.

4. Allocation:

Each and every asset will need to have an owner who will be responsible for it. With allocation feature you can map an asset to individuals and keep track of it. This is more applicable for large organizations which have multiple locations and office spaces which need to be allocated to their human resources. It helps to graphically represent seats which are still not occupied and gives an overall picture as to how much space is available in which location.

5. Stock categorization:

With Construction Management Software you can also categorize your assets type and map them to further allocate them to resources who will use them. It is very helpful when different type of categories will have different needs for processes and documentations etc. to be followed. For e.g. a warehouse taxation, documentation, registration will be much different from a house property.

Construction Management Software is best fit for individuals or organizations with needs to manage assets located at multiple locations and have to be managed centrally.

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