May 28, 2019


Construction Project Dependencies – A logical relationship

We should spare a few minutes to think ahead of new financial year and how we can do a better overall job of work management, specifically regarding our construction projects.
Obviously, there are a whole lot o pieces (tasks) to each project puzzle, and each must be logged, tracked, monitored and put into place, because one task typically depends on the successful completion of another. It’s the accurate monitoring of these dependencies that can make or break a project, and this says to me that the use of Construction Management System software is one very good way to help insure a successful outcome.

Dependencies are the relationships that exist between project tasks; each successive task depends on the successful completion of the previous task. There are four types of process dependencies (Finish to start, finish to finish, start to start, and start to finish) and three types of causal dependencies (logical, resource-related, and preferential). When you have a small cookie-cutter project with a straight-line set of tasks all being done by a team in one location, the list of tasks and logical flow (logical finish to start dependency) could be posted and updated on a whiteboard.

But what if you’re handed a complex, multi-faceted, multi-year, multi-geo construction project with dependencies that run the gamut? You could still write all the tasks and due dates on a whiteboard, but how will you track them? And how will the team members and execs in other offices know what’s going on? This is when online Construction Management System software for tracking and collaborating becomes not only a good idea, but a necessity.

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