June 11, 2019


A Complete Construction Project Management Software Solution

Just as every construction project is different, every contractor has their own unique way of tracking and managing their project data. SoftleanERP, provides a flexible solution to your construction project management software needs by offering a built-in, customizable relational database that is integrated with the project schedule. It allows you to design, track and analyses project information the way you like it.

This unique database is very easy to use and has a simple point-click graphical interface. You don’t need to leave the program to access it, and you don’t need to know any special codes or programming. The database allows you to create unlimited fields, and use those fields to design custom data sheets to track any project information you desire. By creating your own fields, you determine what is important to track. An unlimited amount of information can be tracked for each task on the gantt chart. Design custom data sheets, such as equipment, labor, materials, change orders, contracts, subcontractors, suppliers, project notes or whatever you deem important. Choose from several field types including text, numerical, dates, computed, image and tables to design the data sheet the way you want. 

A reporting & analysis module is also included with the database to query data and run custom reports. Reports can be run within a single project or across all your projects. Use the reporting& analysis module to analyse information the way you like it and enter information quickly. Simply point-click to choose the fields you want in the report, and save frequently used formats. All project data can be easily exported to comma and tab delimited formats for use in several other programs including Excel. 

With SoftleanERP, all components of the database are seamlessly tied to its advanced scheduling features for a complete construction project management system. It also features a real-time cost management component, and unique labor and material screens that are also tied to your gantt chart schedule for quick, easy and up-to-date access to this information. SoftleanERP, specializes in delivering customizable project management software solutions to the construction industry.

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