April 20, 2020


Why Project Management Software is Crucial for Solar Industry?

It is no uncertainty that solar power has seen enormous development in the previous years, with organizations willingly volunteering to introduce and utilize solar products. Implementing these products had a positive influence on people and industries. This can be credited to the way that not exclusively does solar project management software streamline the functionalities of a business however, it likewise limits the cost of creation. Below are the five reasons why organizations ought to consider implementing solar project management software

Effectively Tracks all the leads & enquires.

Solar project management software manages and tracks all the leads, enquiries and tenders effectively. It automates the process of lead capturing, leads posting, and instant notifications to solar sales reps when new leads arrive, while others are done with minimal effort.

Accurate Cost Estimation

Get accurate and quick estimates for prospects and forecast the cost of production, service delivery, other project management related information.

Inventory Management

Deal with your solar project inventory levels utilizing solar project management software to follow what’s accessible, what’s required, and where it’s found.

Employee time tracking

Keep records and compute staff part’s hours when they punch in and out day by day utilizing the punch clock device which is accessible inside the record or in outer view.

Accurate Reporting

With a solar pm tool, access exact benefit and cost reports for each venture to distinguish precisely how much salary was producing and view a breakdown of solar based project cost reports. It helps you track actual power generation and monthly maintenance costs for the project.


Executing solar project management software can help you plan, track and manage the most granular details and gets more work done in a shorter period. Softlean ERP – solar project management software not only helps your solar projects to be managed effectively but it also helps you improve organisational productivity.


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