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January 18, 2021


Solar Project Management Software – Need of Today’s world

Everyone is very much aware of the thriving solar industry market worldwide. As per the ongoing study, solar has been one of the two renewable energy sources utilized due to the simplicity of utilization, competence, and adequacy. With this developing industry, the solar EPCs are provoking difficult situations of controlling solar project teams, Inventories, supply chain management from the market, dealing with the field staff, and considerably more which bring about less efficiency and productivity.

Also, one of the major elements affecting the solar EPC industry is the soft costs of the solar project which continue to hamper organizational productivity.  Soft costs in solar projects impose significant downward pressure on margins, draining up to thousands of dollars in lost profits. This falloff happens slowly, and fatally– making it difficult to see for occupied solar business owners and senior managers. Here are a couple of scenarios:

  • Manually updating the status of projects and transitioning them from one phase to the is painful for project managers
  • Having no centralized platform to track & manage tasks, to keep the field and office teams connected, and to review work orders.
  • Need to use multiple software’s, excels, and emails to gather a report about a project
  • No transparency over project progress, timelines, etc.


So, how can one avoid these nuisances and can improve productivity helping your enterprise to become successful? The answer lies in having an automated digital solar project management software. SoftleanERP a solar EPC project management software is a ground-breaking and easy-to-use Web-based tool intended to decrease the mayhem of all the solar EPC organizations by smoothing out tasks with a reliable arrangement of modules that support effective execution of the project with valid positioning, following, and investigation. It also decreases the cost, material, and time, improving the general efficiency of the organization.  Some key features of Softlean ERP software are as follows:

  • Project Management

SoftleanERP, streamlines, and automates your end-to-end project process and helps you gain visibility across project progress.

  • Remote Communication

SoftleanERP helps your field and office team to collaborate on a single platform. The project manager can communicate effectively with every resource whether it is on-field or working remotely or from the office.

  • Reporting & Project Dashboard

Softlean ERP provides better-looking reports and a project health dashboard that helps you understand project details and the overall health of the project helping your team to attain better organizational productivity.

  • Resource Management

Softlean ERP provides features such as resource request management, resources that can be allocated to a project, based on the availability of a resource.

Softlean ERP is a project management tool that has swiftly become the standard for the solar industry. Get in touch with us to know more.

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