Online Construction Bidding and Project Management

We provide an online bidding and construction management solution within a single ERP online application suite.

General or Subcontractor:

  • Use this online ERP solution to grow and manage your entire construction management software business life cycle without using any other software.
  • We help you to bring 3-4 times more construction works compare to your local competitors by providing instant online quotation to your local residential and commercial customers using your online product catalogs in our system.
  • We help you to advertise your products and construction services through many online yellow page service providers like Yahoo, Google and many classifieds Ad services. We will also make a new professional website for your business that has access to your direct online product catalogs in this system.
  • You can also see each instant quotation asked by your local prospects, just after login to this ERP system and can negotiate job prospect directly with your customers.
  • You can convert each prospect into contract once your customer has accepted your deal or create new project from scratch. Then plan, estimate, budget and manage entire project life cycle by monitoring progress 24/7 through this online ERP.
  • Setup various categories of services and product catalogs with different price and revisions.
  • Manage your resources, labors, equipment, material, inventory, budget etc. for each project 24/7.
  • Publish or Bid and win any construction project in our system that is published by other General Contractors for sub contracting.
  • Execute entire construction project life cycle and generate online reports.
  • Subscription fee lowest compare to any other software vendor over the internet.
  • You can also purchase enterprise license for separate hosting for your organization
  • For ERP we are also partnered with many providers oracle which is leading ERP Provider
  • For Project Management Software we are partnered with Productdossier which is leading project management software company in World.

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Main Features In SoftleanERP 2009 Release

Construction project managers need reusable project template that helps them to setup a project very quickly. SoftleanERP system helps you to create multiple project templates which you can use in similar projects. You can create a project template with multiple level of job hierarchy very easily. These templates also allow you to define unit rate for each job against their unit of measure. It helps you to quickly estimate any job based on quantity in measure.

In construction project you need to work with multiple suppliers who supply many different parts and materials with different costs. Depending on the construction work you may need similar parts with different cost and from different suppliers. SoftleanERP system allows you to create multiple supplier records and different groups of parts with different price very easily. That helps you to estimate actual project cost based on the material, resource or equipments chosen. Using SoftleanERP, you can create multiple part list associated with different product or service domain very easily.

In Construction project, project estimation is very critical function, may need different adjustments in different time. It may happen, that rate, quantity, critical date or material can be changed at any time during the project. The system must allow these changes when it demands in a very efficient manner such that all changes automatically reflect to estimate, budget or to the field engineers who are working in the field in real time. SoftleanERP system allows you to make such changes very easily in real time. You just need to select any job item from your joblist in the project. Make change to all these job functions and click save to regenerate the plan & estimate. All these changes will be reflected automatically in real time in all levels across all these business areas.

Finishing jobs within plan is one of the most challenging areas in construction field. Many construction projects end with very low profit margin or even making loss because of the delay in construction project execution which was earlier planned. Planning is very critical method to streamline the project execution in time along with project schedule and budget. Various jobs are inter related unless one is completed other can not be started. SoftleanERP system shows you graphical schedule with time line and percentage of job completion in real time, measure each bill of quantity planed vs executed along with other predecessor’s job progress that helps you to determine the current status and critical time line with a measure of slips which is called floats. If the float is negative for any job then this particular job is in very critical stage and immediate precautionary measure is needed to execute this job on time.

As an efficient project manager, your job is to measure the overall progress of the project along with the time line and schedule and to track jobs these are delayed due to unavoidable reasons. To measure overall job progress, you must monitor every milestone and bill of quantity for the milestone. SoftleanERP provides you to measure bill of quantity progress against each milestone. Whenever a field engineer makes inspection based on the current job finished, the system automatically updates the overall progress against each inspected quantity that is already accepted by the Quality Engineer and shows you real time progress of each Bill of Quantity Plan and Milestone.

In construction project many contractors find difficulties to streamline cash flow by collecting payments quickly from their clients and allocating fund to the correct job plan as scheduled. If the cash flow is not in timely manner, construction plan automatically gets delays. To overcome this situation, contractor may need a software system which automatically creates the invoice when ever an inspection is completed and the payments process gets started. You can plan to send invoice to your customer every week and SoftleanERP system automatically allows you to invoice all Bill of Quantities that is already inspected and accepted by the Quality inspector for billing. You also can monitor payments, monthly and yearly budget for overall project, plan, and approvals using SoftleanERP system.

Material Planning and delays in supplies of material may cause your overall construction project to slip its schedule. Using SoftleanERP system, you can plan require parts and material ahead of time that is needed to complete each Bill of Quantity. You can also make part request based on your current schedule. Once you make part request, you can make order entry and create purchase order very easily. You can track each purchase order against its supplies of material. Once supply is received, SoftleanERP system automatically updates the part request and Bill of Quantity plan with the availability of materials to start the job.

Using SoftleanERP system, your change management is very easy. If require adding change for a certain Bill of Quantities which is not included earlier and needs to track separately, you can do it anytime. Just open the Bill of Quantity record and create a change record. Add require parts and resources with additional instruction for these changes needed.

In execution phase of any construction project, it is require keeping track of all parts, resource & equipments that will be used for each Bill of Quantity plan. Unless these items are available in time, construction work may delay considerably and the cost will escalate. To overcome these situations, field engineers need to monitor these entire items before they can start the work. Uisng SoftleanERP system, you can monitor these critical items in real time and can schedule your plan very efficiently without causing any delay.

Storing material and accounting material uses, is one of the critical construction management function. In many cases, construction engineers find difficulties to track all materials in site and also account the material uses based on the project plan and execution schedule. Access material at site are not accounted properly and because of these issues, many project looses a substantial amount of profit because of this mismanagement of materials accountings. SoftleanERP provides a comprehensive Warehouse and Inventory management solution either it is open or closed warehouse at site and different locations. You can find all materials used and unused against each project, site, purchase order or part no. Every material is accounted seamlessly and monitored each of its uses as per schedule and part request.

In construction projects lots of assets are used either movable or immovable. Most of the site engineers are not maintaining correct plan and cost for all assets in site. Unless all assets are accounted and measured of its uses, it is difficult to determine actual cost and revenues for each of these assets. If the assets are not used as per planned and not maintained depending on the time of maintenance and requirements, these assets can not remain in service for long period. SoftleanERP system provides details uses of each asset, its maintenance records, service cost and revenue generated etc. all critical information that helps to keep and measure cost and uses of each asset.

In Construction project, while execution, there is lots of maintenance works involved in different phases of construction works. You need to schedule all maintenance works timely manner and keep track of each record. While Maintenance, it is required to keep track of each works, all parts, resources and every details of these works which help to generate different reports to account each project cost, its maintenance and execution cost. Also to determine the cost, profitability, uses, quality and serviceability of each unit, you require to track every details of maintenance records, its results, cost vs. profitability. SoftleanERP system helps you to plan, monitor & execute all maintenance work for assets or equipments and also you can generate various reports based on your requirements.

In construction project, you need to execute tender and invite bidding to find right vendor who can provide you competitive rate of material, services and can execute certain portion of your construction work if necessary. Using SoftleanERP system, you can determine the pricing, estimate bill of quantities and bill of materials, make online bidding, compare price and vendors, determine costs and quotations, select right vendor, create purchase order, execute your construction work with proper planning and schedule against each bill of quantity and bill of materials.

Creating report and presenting correct data to the team member is one of the critical management functions for any construction project. SoftleanERP system allows you to print report even from every screen just by clicking a button called “Print Html”. You can print any custom report or even can export data into a XLS file from any screen very easily. You also can create many custom reports using SoftleanERP report module.