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Just as every construction project is different, every contractor has their own unique way of tracking and managing their project data. SoftleanERP, provides a flexible solution to your construction project management software needs by offering a built-in, customizable relational database that is integrated with the project schedule. It allows you […]

SoftleanERP: A Complete Construction Project Management Software Solution

Project Managers need to manage each aspect of the projects they oversee, from resources and suppliers to project costs and equipment. The trick to staying on top of everything would be to focus on the five most important objectives associated with construction project management. In case you can meet the […]

Five Goals Each Construction Project Manager Should Achieve

We should spare a few minutes to think ahead of new financial year and how we can do a better overall job of work management, specifically regarding our construction projects. Obviously, there are a whole lot o pieces (tasks) to each project puzzle, and each must be logged, tracked, monitored […]

Construction Project Dependencies – A logical relationship

Construction project planning software is an important tool especially for those who are managing construction projects. There are number of available construction project planning software ready to download for trials. This would give users a chance to try the quality and necessity of the software.  If they would be able […]

10 Reasons in buying Construction Project Planning software