Construction Bidding

Online Construction Bidding for Contractor using Softlean ERP system:
Softlean ERP system provides 2 different types of Construction Bidding

  1. Subcontractor bidding using online Softlean ERP system
  2. Enterprise Construction Bidding for General Contractors who purchase licensed ERP Bidding System.

If you are an enterprise construction company who wants to execute bidding of your own enterprise ERP system, to procure material, labor, equipments etc. you can use Softlean Enterprise ERP bidding system and invite your selected vendors to bid online within your enterprise system on your list of materials, parts or equipments. You can compare their bids and can select the lower bid for each part to create purchase order automatically. Softlean ERP system provides you all tools which is necessary to estimate bill of materials from tender or bill of quantity, organize bidding, invite bidders, accepting bids, sending a message, replying RFI, comparing bids and selecting lowest bids automatically to create purchase order online. Also, you can monitor each purchase order, inspection, delivery, the material in warehouse or site etc. using this Softlean ERP system.
Using online Softlean Construction Bidding for subcontractors, contractors can access multiple projects leads submitted for bidding by many General Contractors, Sub Contractors, Home Owners, for remodeling & new construction.

You can submit your own construction project bidding for other sub-contractors to bid online. While submitting your project you can make your own estimation for each job item and for an entire project. However, your own estimation is not exposed to bidders. Once you receive bids, you can compare your Own estimation vs. highest and lowest bid you received for each job item and for overall project. You can also generate customized reports as you need.

Softlean Construction bidding supports CSI Code or also your own custom job hierarchy if any as your own template. If you use CSI code in your project document for estimation, you can directly use those using Softlean Bid Form while submitting your project.

Softlean Construction bidding is very intuitive to Project Owner and also for Bidders. A bidder can choose any project to bid just by clicking one button and needs to fill up only item price for each job item.

Softlean also provides required data entry services for your project bidding if you need help. As a project owner you should provide job descriptions with your own estimation in our prescribe form or send us simply your job estimation sheet and we will enter your bid data against hourly rate. Your project will be published automatically in our bidding system and you will receive bids.