Construction Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Using online Softlean Construction Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, you can plan, estimate, and monitor your construction project. You can manage project budget, manage changes, can perform material & resource planning. You can also monitor resource uses, track time for each activity, manage inventory & equipment uses.

You can generate your daily reports online or can monitor construction progress against your budget used vs. job performed. Using Softlean online ERP, you can generate monthly and yearly financial forecast of your construction project against job plan. That helps you to make a decision in advance which jobs to be performed against which month and how much budget to be allocated in advance on a monthly basis for the entire duration of that job. It helps you to plan your funding and makes better uses your costly funds that save you dollars against interest or mismanagement of funds.

Planning your jobs and activities using graphical Bar Chart with the different color combination is one of the best construction practices during construction planning. You can plan and monitor your job progress with bar chart and the system alerts you if the job has a float or any discrepancy found during planning phase against your job hierarchy. Softlean ERP system automatically updates your job progress online that reduces your manual updates of job status and saves your time. You can track overall job progress better than before for each job plan just by opening your project using this system.

You also get 360 degrees view of your overall construction project status against your estimation, job contracting rate vs. actual job cost. That helps you to make better management decisions to perform your construction work within your budget and timeline.