Construction Management System (CMS)®

CMS® has been designed to streamline the business practices of construction industries for small and medium size construction firms. Through its electronic ERP system, CMS® ensures optimum use of resources by optimizing project planning, delivery and execution within budget and timeline. Being “owner-centric”, the system makes it possible to plan and execute disparate contracts associated with multiple levels of tasks, sub-contracting into an efficient delivery model with optimized project bidding, project plan, execution, monitoring, change management, cost schedule, reporting, claims processing and close out. CMS® ensures the fastest retrieval of vital data using an integrated information system that optimizes the flow of critical information inside and outside of your organization. This ensures fast decision making for the critical decisions that affect your project timeline.

CMS® has been designed to be intuitive. This makes adoption of CMS® by the staff and management personnel quick and easy. Its high level of scalability ensures quick upgrades when change in the construction and project execution practices so demand. With information collection, collation and retrieval all digitized, project delivery process regain top priority with the program manager and executive personnel.

Softlean CMS® provides the benefits of streamlined operations, enhanced administration and control, superior business process improvement, strict cost control, and improved profitability.